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  New Account Information & Credit Application

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Line of Credit Required:

Applicant agrees that extension of credit by the seller shall be subject to

and in consideration of the following:

   I.      Terms are that which are stated on the invoices. All amounts are due in accordance with said stated terms.

   II.      Past due balances are subject to service charge of a maximum permitted by state law and so stated on invoices.

   III.      Should it be necessary to assign the account balance to a licensed collection agency or attorney for legal

action, all subsequent collection charges and legal fees shall be paid for by the applicant.

   IV.      The undersigned agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein.

   V.      The undersigned hereby authorizes the above-mentioned companies to release the information requested by

Inweld corporation.

   VI.      Minimum order is $100.00; all orders under said amount will be subject to a $15.00 handling fee.


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***Please return with copy of your resale certificate. ***